Week 5: Challenge update

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6 Jan 2021: We started all this in 2020, which was not a good year for travel, but that didn’t stopping Redland Ladies starting a tour of England to raise vital funds for the hockey club and also for our chosen charity – the RSPB

The start to 2021 isn’t looking any better, but we’re continuing our quest during the new lockdown, ending on 12 January 2021.

We started on 1 December with the aim of covering the equivalent distance of the circumference of England – 4,775km across 6 weeks. Obviously, we are strictly staying within all current Covid rules.

Five weeks in, we’ve easily smashed our target, with club members opting to carry on with Lap 2, rather than finishing early. We’ve now travelled 6,697km so far, but can we make it twice round?

It’s a big ask.

So far, we have collectively cycled 2,462.9km, run 652.7km, walked 3,542.5km, rowed 27.4km and swum 11.6km.

Keep going everyone and remember, you can support Team Redland by donating through JustGiving.

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