Support for Umpire Training

Published by Terri D on

13 July 2021: It’s great that we have been able to get back to playing hockey and enjoying a full summer league programme of games.  Supporting these games has been a small team of umpires to whom we are very grateful, and we think now is the time to encourage a few more you to pick up a whistle and have a go.  You never know you may enjoy yourself and we would love you to join the fantastic team of umpires we have in the club.

Due to changes being bought in by England Hockey (EH) the work of our local umpiring association will be transferring to EH over the next year.  Before this happens, our local umpires association (ACWHUA) are looking to offer financial support for all those seeking to start their umpiring journey or perhaps continue that journey by becoming an umpire coach.

So – if you would like to become an:

  • unassessed umpire
  • complete the Level 1 Umpire Course 
  • be a member of ACWHUA for their final year for free
  • access subsidy for a Level 1 Umpire course

Please contact Janet at [email protected]